Saturday, April 8, 2006

Celebrate Milestones

In reading Matchbox Kid this morning KC’s Mom was very excited about KC’s attempt to make sounds. It was fun to remember when Billy Ray was reaching developmental milestones. His deceased father, Raymond, used to say that because our special needs kids have to work so hard for each step they bring so more joy.

Raymond frequently compared his daughter from a prior marriage, Cathy, to Billy Ray’s developmental milestones. He said that when Cathy was little she crawled up on the bed and worked until she taught herself to tie her shoes. She just determined to do it and stayed with it. As he watched Billy Ray, Raymond realized he had taken Cathy’s milestones too lightly because they seemed to come easily to her.

All of us have small and large successes. Last night my stepson called me that my granddaughter, Elora, was torn up because she was selected for a track meet on the same day as my first book signing and presentation . Her selection to participate in this event is a great honor because they are only taking the best from her team. When I called her I told her that her track success in the track meet was just as important as my book signing. We agreed that while we couldn’t be there for each other we would think of the other and share when the events are finished.

It is so easy to stay focused on the next milestone for our kids that we forget to enjoy the present one or to recognize that others in the family are having things to celebrate too.

So here’s to you, KC and to you Elora.

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